How to Get Rid of Urticaria Fast

How to Get Rid of Urticaria Fast Urticaria or chronic hives is a skin condition that most people suffer from at one point or another in their life time. Though hives are not known to be life threatening it is reputed for its disorienting discomfort caused by itching which is usually compounded when scratched. This condition that affects the skin is mainly due to the body’s release of histamine, as a defensive mechanism, to combat and destroy invading foreign materials. This causes itchy red bumps known as wheals appear on the skin.

Chronic hives or urticaria affects both men and women and can be caused by stress, sweating profusely, bites form insects and danders from animals (pets). For most, it is allergy resulting from clothing, plants, foods, medications and undue exposure to either cold or hot weather conditions. There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed as hives can be treated naturally and its symptoms pretty easy to spot. Here are a few methods on how to get rid of urticaria fast and naturally.

  • Diet. It is said that the best method of attack is to defend and importantly what we eat can be the difference between being healthy and ill. A balanced diet along with regular exercises arms our immune system with the minerals and nutrients necessary to keep us healthy. Also because hives can be caused by allergens it is important to make a list of foods,clothing textures and things that we are allergic to. Another would be to be sure that our pets are properly vaccinated, so that their furs or feathers don’t trigger hive infection. Keeping a clean and healthy lifestyle is imperative, avoiding dusty and heavily polluted areas and keeping our stress levels to a minimum are important prerequisites to preventing and naturally getting rid of urticaria or hives quickly.
  • Plants and oils. Herbs and essential oils are a sure way to get rid of urticaria fast and naturally.
  • Chamomile and lavender oils are very effective hive cures that are easy to come by. Sandal wood reputed and used by Native American tribes for its soothing anti inflammatory abilities. Holy basil, henna and aloe are also effective cures. You can make a paste or apply aloe gel directly to the areas affected it provides quick relief from swelling and itching.
  • Quercetin imbedded in most fruits and plants we use or come in contact with daily like onion, green vegetables and apples to name a few. Quercetin as a natural antihistamine widely used to treat allergies of all kinds. Try eating some of these plants for relief.
  • Another method to naturally and quickly get rid yourself of urticaria is to soak marshmallow roots for a minimum of five minutes, then mix with chamomile flowers, warm Echinacea and ginger rhizome and peppermint leafs in little portions only. Properly stir and squeeze herbs the liquid that remains is very potent and should be taken to prevent allergies of the skin.
  • Mediating. This is an effective and unlikely way of treating hives. This is so because stress is a major cause of urticaria in most people, discovering the best method of relaxation and calming
  • How to Get Rid of Urticaria Easy the mind is a well known way of dealing with stress. Meditating for most can be soothing or difficult so I will recommend that you device a technique that you are comfortable with and works for you.
  • Taking a bath in cool water is a rather simple but effective way to treat hives naturally. Dot forget that the daily intake of vitamins C, E and zinc are also useful cures. Get started with the most suitable of these treatments and naturally cure your urticaria.

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