Urticaria Natural Remedies

Urticaria Natural RemediesUrticaria is a common disorder of the skin in which raised red spots appear on the skin that resemble the sting of a nettle. It is therefore commonly known as hives. This condition can have different severity levels and can also reach chronic level in some cases. Its main symptoms and effects are discomfort and itching.

Following are 14 time tested and proven urticaria natural remedies:
1. Cut an onion into slices, apply the widest slice directly on the affected skin and secure it with a bandage. If the affected area is large, it is better to rub the skin lightly with the slice for several minutes.
2. Prepare a bath of hot water and add approximately a cupfull of baking soda. Remove your clothes and get into the bath for 20 minutes. This remedy comes to rescue when the rashes are spread all over the body and is probably the most widely used of all urticaria natural remedies.

3. Use milk of magnesia or witch hazel directly on the affected area and the results can become visible within minutes of application.
4. Apply the gel that is found inside the leaves of aloe vera directly on the affected skin. Aloe vera is known for it’s cooling properties and soothes the skin.
5. Apply an ice pack or directly rub an ice cube on the skin to relieve itching caused by hives provide that you are not allergic to cold. This remedy constricts the blood vessels of the skin surface and reduces the amount of irritants produced in the sebum.
7. Wrap 1 cup of frozen cornstarch and several crushed chamomile flowers in a thin cloth and immerse it in wáter of your bathtub.
8. Boil rolled oats in a little water until it becomes a paste, cool and apply the paste on the affected areas.
9. Take a handful of finely chopped mallow flowers and leaves. Mix with butter until creamy smooth and put the cream on a sterilized cotton gauze to apply to the affected area.This ointment is a provenly effective remedy against itching and also makes the skin soft.
10. Pour three tablespoons of violet in one liter of water is boiling. Cover and let stand until cool. Strain and use for a bath.
11. Wash and slice a large tomato and apply on affected areas hives.
12. Pour a handful of burdock, another one of borage and thyme in a pint of water and boil. Let stand overnight. Strain and drink this preparation throughout the day. This is a tonic remedy for eliminating toxins that may be causing the hives.
13. Boil for 10 minutes, only two branches stalks of celery in a pint of water. Strain and soak a gauze pad with this liquid. Apply to the affected area.
14. Pour 2 tablespoons acne prone infusion of wormwood in a cup of boiling water and pour in the water of the bath tub. This will help prevent itching sensations caused by various reasons viz. mites, skin allergies etc.

1. Take frequent sources of calcium and vitamin C, which, according to research, prevent attacks of urticaria. It is advisable to take a glass of juice with one or two lemons.Urticaria Natural Remedy
2. Avoid wearing clothing made of synthetic material.
3. Avoid stimulants such as coffee drinks, tea and colas.
4. Avoid excessive intake of animal fats such as sausages, pork, organ meats etc.

Although these remedies work well for urticaria, but it is advisable to take a medic’s advise should these not work for you, to prevent aggravation of the disorder!

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